"Princess Jasmine - The Desert Flower of Agrabah"
oil on canvas 30" x 36"

Princess Jasmine feels trapped.  She wants to be free to make her own choices, yet she is bound by the law to marry a prince by her next birthday, in three days! Jasmine does not want to have her life lived for her. She wants to experience what the world is like outside the palace walls, have real friends, and most importantly fall in love on her own, without the confinement of the Sultan’s archaic marital laws.  The one friend she does have within Agrabah’s palace walls is her pet tiger, Rajah. He is always at her side, protecting the Princess and even scaring off potential suitors if necessary.  In this scene Rajah has just chased away another annoying prince, to the delight of a frustrated Princess Jasmine. *


* Written and composed by Danny Day


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