"Pocahontas - A Path to Choose"

oil on canvas 28" x 34"

The water which runs through the river of Pocahontas’ homeland changes and flows in many directions.  The different paths that the river takes are a constant reminder and temptation to the free-spirited Pocahontas.  Her father, the chief, has told her that Kocoum, the bravest warrior in their tribe, has asked for her hand in marriage. But Pocahontas had a dream that seems to point her in a different direction.  Her vision of an arrow spinning faster and faster until it comes to a sudden stop has her trying to discover the meaning of the dream with her heart, listening to the spirits in the earth, water and sky.  Something is about to happen, and with her faithful animal friends Meeko, the raccoon, and Flit, the hummingbird, Pocahontas sets out to discover which path to choose.



* Written and composed by Danny Day


2022 © All images are the Property of Danny Day Studio and may not be reproduced without permission


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