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Danny Day's oil paintings have been published into hundreds of different Editions by various Publishers, and The Danny Day Studio has limited quantities of these Limited Edition Prints. We are pleased to make these prints available here for the first time ever.


Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas Exclusively from the Danny Day Studio


Danny Day's career has spanned nearly three decades, and during that time he has worked with many Publishers, Galleries, and individuals.  In coordination with these entities, Danny's artwork has been produced, sold and published in different ways and is available for purchase in many ways as well.  The Danny Day Studio is proud to have sole possession of a number of Original Oil Paintings.  These paintings are made available exclusively through the Danny Day Studio and can only be purchased here.  Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any further information or questions.



Original Oil Paintings

Exclusively from The Danny Day Studio


NOTE FROM THE ARTIST:  It saddens me to have to say this, but technology has taken over many aspects of the art industry, and many, if not most, realistic artists use digital or other artificial means to create a realistic image.  I DO NOT!  Every painting is painstakingly  hand drawn, and painted with brush and Grumbacher oil paint and takes hundreds of hours to complete.  Just know that I put a little bit of my heart and soul into every painting. Enjoy.

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Oil on Canvas 24" x 32"  

$8500.00 + $60 S/H

Ships in a wooden crate

"Morning in Venice"


Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"  

$9200.00 + $60 S/H

Ships in a wooden crate

"First Day of School"


Oil on Canvas 28" x 34"  

$8400.00 + $60 S/H

Ships in a wooden crate

"Lounging Leopard"

Oil on Canvas 26" x 32"  

$8000.00 + $60 S/H

Ships in a wooden crate

"Story Time with Belle"


Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"  

$11,000.00 + $60 S/H

Ships in a wooden crate