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"Fragrant Cloud"



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One of the hallmarks of Danny’s artwork is his love of, and ability to create, stunning and realistic portraiture. With that in mind, and with a desire to firmly expand beyond the limitations of sports art, golf landscapes and wildlife genres, Danny embarked upon a continuing series of works he termed “Romantic Realism”. Female figurative paintings focusing on beautiful women in romantic and often sensual scenes, touching interaction between mother and daughter, sister to sister, and the learning experiences as a young girl develops and grows.  These are all images that Danny has captured in this new genre.  Being surrounded by his wife and two daughters has inspired him to discover some of the touching aspects of femininity, thus enabling him to incorporate much of this experience onto the canvas.  

From the loose, thickly painted, almost impressionistic backgrounds, which flow and merge into the clothing and figures, to the trademark realism within the figures themselves for which he has become famous, Danny has truly developed  a new and exciting style of working. Lighting, composition and color are all combined within the paintings to set the mood and create a unique story within these female figurative paintings.


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Female Figurative oil paintings