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" The Eyes of North America - Bobcat"



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Danny has also applied his form of realism to the world of the animal kingdom in order to create his wildlife art series.. Unbelievably intricate and layered brush strokes were put to canvas in order to create the haunting and mystical paintings which make up “The Eyes of Africa” and “The Eyes of North America” series.  Cheetahs, Lions, Elephants, and Zebras literally leap off the canvas, as if they have come to life. “Lounging Leopard” and “Breathtaking” are beautiful depictions of the mysterious animals and inspired Danny’s thoughts.  “I have always tried to incorporate outside elements into my sports montages, including architecture, landscapes and different animals,” says Day.  “So the wildlife series seemed like a natural and welcome progression from my previous works.” Danny has done a number of wildlife gallery exhibits and shows, including collaboration with Joan Embry of the San Diego Zoo.