"Snow White - A Smile and a Song"

oil on canvas 28" x 34"

In a jealous rage, the Evil Queen plots against Snow White, whose beauty has surpassed her own.  She orders the Huntsman to take Snow White into the woods, cut out her heart and return it to her in a wooden box.  The Huntsman tries to obey the Queen, but at the last second can’t bring himself to harm the innocent, trusting Snow White.  He tells her to run away, hide in the woods and never come back, for the Queen will never rest until she has rid the kingdom of the beautiful Princess. A terrified Snow White flees into the dark, foreboding forest, not knowing where she is going or how she will survive. Every movement and sound in the forest is magnified in the mind of the frightened girl.  She collapses in despair in a clearing, exhausted and confused. The curious but frightened animals of the woods tentatively poke their heads out to see the fallen Princess, and at this moment, Snow White realizes that her imagination was the cause of her fear.  She befriends all the animals of the woods and overcomes her fears with a smile and a song. *



* Written and composed by Danny Day


2022 © All images are the Property of Danny Day Studio and may not be reproduced without permission


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